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Eyebolt screw OES

Eyebolt screw - ideal for scaffold plug GR


The eyebolt screw OES matches the scaffold plug GR optimally and in this combination guarantees high pull-out values for your scaffolding fastening in concrete, natural stone, solid brick or lime-sand solid stone. It has a wood thread according to DIN 7998 and can therefore not only be screwed into plastic plugs, but also directly into wood. For this purpose, pre-drill a hole with Ø 8 mm in the timber material. Markings on the eyebolt screw enable controlled screwing in and safe assembly.

The eyebolt screw OES is made of galvanized steel has an eye diameter of 23 mm.

After removing the scaffolding and the eyebolt screw, the cover cap AK seals the remaining scaffold plug GR.
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The eybolt screw OES matches optimally with the scaffold plug GR for high load values

Markings on the eyebolt screw facilitate controlled screwing-in

The eyebolt can be screwed directly into wood

The high-quality welded joint prevents the eye from bending open

Further specifications:

  • Scaffold anchorage
  • Climbing scaffold
  • Clotheslines
  • Hanging flower pots
  • Punching bag
  • Lighting
  • Hammock

Areas of application:

  • Wood

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