FORCE ONE Gas nailer with long magazine for 40 nails

The most powerful, lightweight and ergonomic gas nailer
Product image of gas nailer FORCE ONE with track for 40 nails
Force One application
FORCE ONE Gas nailer with long magazine for 40 nails
FORCE ONE Gas nailer with long magazine for 40 nails
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Magazine capacity :
40 nails
Power :
105 Joules
Nail Length range [mm] :
Packing type :
Height [mm] H:
Width [mm] B:
Length [mm] L:
Weight (kgs) :
Packaging units:
Packaging type.:
Reference Description

The new FORCE ONE gas nailer designed by CELO is the most compact and lightest in its category. Its greater ergonomics combined with its 105 joules of power endorse the FORCE ONE as the best-in-class gas nailer for electrical installations.

It's suitable to fix all types of electrical pipes, tubes, cables and other materials, becoming a universal tool for all kinds of applications and materials. Able to nail both premium and regular nails from 13mm to 38mm length, the FORCE ONE can fix all CELO nailer accessories directly to materials as demanding as steel beams, concrete and concrete block. There must be at least 2 nails in the magazine, otherwise, the nailer cannot be triggered.

Reduce installation time and fatigue with the FORCE ONE nailer! Designed to save time and effort for electrical installers, you'll increase your productivity and reduce fatigue like no other tool.

Among its main advantages, the FORCE ONE brings an improved position of the gas cell providing enhanced balance to the tool for better stability during its usage. Also, the slim and long one-piece nose enables its usage in narrow spaces. As "the icing on the cake" it features a stainless steel mesh filter cover providing effective dust protection.

In addition, the FORCE ONE gas nailer is more powerful, lightweight and 2 times faster than any battery nailer, offering greater manoeuvrability to nail in tight spaces and less pressure force to activate the trigger, while minding safety in all your installations.

The FORCE ONE gas nailer shoots 2.8 nails per second, allows 3,000 shots per load, easily recharges and has a reversible hook to hang it on belts, stairs or scaffolding.

Calculate your savings with the FORCE ONE

  • Beam fixings
  • Electric cables
  • Electrical accessories
  • Electrical clamps
  • Fixings on concrete ceiling
  • Direct fixing of electrical trunking and junction boxes
Further specifications

Key features:

  • Powerful. High power 105 Joules.
  • Extreme maneuverability. Compact and balanced.
  • High productivity. Quick release magazine and easy fuel access.
  • Effective dust protection
  • Less fatigue operator
  • Rubber foot with cushioning effect for ergonomic operation
  • At only 3.67 kg it is the lightest gas nailer in its class
  • 2+2 years warranty (registering the tool)
  • Great accessibility due to large contact nose.

Base materials:

  • Concrete block
  • Concrete
  • Steel beam/purlin
  • Wood
  • Solid brick
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The best I've ever used for overhead installations. It's easy to use, lightweight and works well in concrete. Congratulations!
Very useful for installing HVAC installation, speeds up work where is a lot of drilling
We have high hopes for the tool and it's accessories being successful on our market. Of course, the consumer's satisfaction with the complete package will be of most importance.
It's a nice product.

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