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Cuando se fija en el aislamiento térmico, es necesario hacer una distinción entre cargas ligeras y cargas pesadas. Las cargas ligeras se pueden fijar directamente en la fachada aislada mediante el uso de tacos de aislamiento específicos que no son conductores térmicos.

Por otro lado, para sujetar cargas pesadas como toldos o marquesinas en casas con aislamiento, se utilizan sistemas de montaje a distancia que atraviesan el aislamiento y se anclan de manera segura en el material base.

Light duty application icon
Light duty applications < 20 kg

Plates and signs

Lamps and lights

Motion detectors and door bells

Wall connection profiles

Surveillance cameras

Base protection profiles and cover sheets

Door openers

Clothes holder

Letterboxes / Mailboxes

Window shutter holders

Rainwater downpipes

Flood lights

heavy duty fixing icon

Heavy duty applications > 20 kg

French balconies

Canopies and baldachins


Satellite dishes

Chimneys and smokestacks

Sun sails and sunshades

Railings and handlebars

Garden hose holders

The innovative distance mounting system ResiTHERM®

TheResiTHERM® distance mounting system is the ideal solution for mounting heavy loads on insulated façades. Since the insulation alone does not provide sufficient support for heavy loads, the innovative system bridges the distance (here: the insulation - hence the name distance mounting system). Quality "Made in Germany" that you can rely on!

  • First product of its kind to obtain an ETA approval (European Technical Assessment)
  • Awarded the German Design Award 2023 - Special Mention for the excellent, time-saving product design
  • Ensures clean sealing against driving rain up to wind force 11 Beaufort (hurricane-like storm) in accordance with DIN EN 1027, tested by the Rosenheim Test Centre for Building Elements