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Pick&Mix, the innovative POS solution.


The Pick&Mix innovative store system. Attract consumers to the point of sale with a new consumption experience, more accessible and dynamic.

Some of the questions you can ask yourself:

  • Do you keep selling screws in bulk??
  • Is this type of sale profitable?
  • ¿ Do you have control problems, open boxes?
  • Do you know the profitability and margin of the screw you sell?

The solution to these questions:CELO, the multi-assortment of fasteners and fixing space

How does it works?

  • Choose a bag size.
  • Choose the necessary product, with the option to mix it in the bag.
  • Close the bag and go to pay, knowing what you are going to pay.

Value display

  • New consumer experience, more accessible and dynamic that attracts consumers to the point of sale

  • Differentiate yourself from other businesses with imported products, facilitating and making profitable the sale of this type of articles.

  • Possibility of mixing with all space references.

  • Total consumer satisfaction, covering all their needs and thus achieving a loyal customer.

CELO makes it easy

  • We send the display, with the material and merchandising to the point of sale.

  • Our team of professionals go to mount it.

  • Training in site about the new displau of screws and fixings.

  • Maintenance and care of the space by our merchandising team.


  • Quality brand recognized among consumers.

  • We are manufacturers. With factories in Spain, Germany, China and USA.

  • Continuously innovation at the point of sale.

  • Successfully tested in more than 400 points of sale in different sectors.

  • Wide range in all product lines.

We study, design and implement according to your needs. Our team does the study and personalizes the space according to the available meters, situation in the store, flow of people and sales.

We can also offer the standard Pick & Mix of two meters, with a defined range for hardware, electrical or sanitary. We adapt the range to each of the sectors for greater profitability.

Contact us and we'll guide you and send you a planogram with your references.

Screws for nylon plugs
Self tapping screws
Metric screws
Installation accessories
Plasterboard fixings
Metal anchors
Nylon plugs
Installation accessories
Clamps and clips
Published: 2021-06-14