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Self-drilling screw for hard wood MDF

Countersunk MDF screw designed to prevent splitting in MDF without pre-drilling

Self-drilling screw for hard wood MDF Zoom


CELO self-drilling screw with special thread for MDF wood. It has been designed with a shorter bit to reduce splitting and bulging of the MDF material when screwing close to the edge or into the end grain.

The lower the density of the MDF (medium density fiberboard), the greater the chance that screws will not hold well without a special design. We know about screws and fixings and because not all screws perform equally in MDF, we manufacture MDF screws that perform optimally into this material.

Made of high tenacity steel zinc coating and a SIT recess and narrow countersunk head with milling ribs to pull easily into the material. Its special self-drilling point with precision placement allows screwing in without pre-drilling. The partial thread firms tightening of the upper wood layer.

SIT recess secures the best screw stick fit, bit grip, no cam-out effect and optimal force transmission. Each box includes a SIT drill bit so you don't need to worry about it.
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Special screw for wood MDF with reduced drill point

Reduces splitting and bulging of MDF material when screwing close to the edge or into end grain

Specifically designed for work with MDF boards

The reduced drill bit facilitates a safety screwing in melamines and hard surfaces

Prevents cracking of wood even with the thinnest slats

The SIT recess allows a perfect fit for easy screw-in

Included a SIT drill bit in the box

Further specifications:

  • Wood doors
  • Wood houses
  • Wood frames
  • Wood assemblies
  • Wood porch
  • Wood slats

Areas of application:

  • Wood type MDF (Medium Density Fibre)

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