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Chipboard screw VELOX® SIT yellow zinc plated, full thread

High Performance from tip to head


The fast chipboard screw VELOX® SIT made of yellow galvanized steel and with full thread is perfectly suitable for mounting wood doors and windows, fittings, chairs or other wood furniture and obtains an ETA assessment ETA-12/0198 for use in timber construction. The SIT recess guarantees a perfect power transfer, fast mounting and a long-lasting SIT bit. Due the conial recess the screw will be centred (no tumbling) and sticks on the bit and improves your working comfort. Alternatively TX bits can also be used (without the mentioned advantages). Your advantage: only one bit size needed for four screw diameters!

The patented tip thread area reduces splitting of the wood and installation torque. This is for flush fitting and a longer battery life. The sliding coating enables an additional torque reduction.

Diameters Ø3,5 and Ø6 of the chipboard screw VELOX® SIT with full thread have external underhead milling ribs for flush fitting and fewer wood shavings on the surface while Ø4 Ø4,5 and Ø5 have internal underhead milling pockets especially suitable for metal fittings.
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SIT® recess (=AW recess from Würth)

Long-lasting SIT® bit

Can also be used with TX-bits if no SIT®-bit is available

Perfect power transfer

Largely improved working comfort; the conical recess centers the screw (no tumbling) and sticks on the bit|Patented tip thread area

ETA-approved product for your safety

No damage to the screw head/zinc coating

Only one bit for four screw diameters- you save time and costs!

Available in yellow zinc plated

Especially well-suited for nylon plugs

Patented thread reduces splitting as well as ­setting torque, which provides a perfect appearance and a longer battery life

With external underhead milling ribs - perfect for wood and metal fittings becaus of flush fitting and fewer wood shavings

With internal underhead milling pockets - perfect for flush finishing in metal fittings

Further specifications:

  • Wood doors
  • Wood windows
  • Fittings
  • Chairs
  • Wood frames
  • Wood furniture

Areas of application:

  • Chipboards
  • Wood

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