5 reasons why you should stop drilling and start nailing

Not only do nailers save you time and money compared to traditional installation methods such as drilling, but there are also many secondary effects that will help improve your efficiency and your health on the construction site. In this article, we go through the top 5 reasons why you should stop using traditional methods and start nailing instead! 

1) Speed up the construction process

Nailing is one of the quickest methods of installation, all you have to do is point and fix! No need to drill, clean out the hole, and then screw in or attach the fixing. This will save you minutes per fixing point and unlike drilling you will only need one tool. This helps improve the efficiency and reduces the installation time. 

2) Reduce construction site dust

Construction site dust can be a problem for many people, not just by being a nuisance and getting everywhere but also for health concerns. Dust can cause breathing problems, due to the toxic combintations of particles in the air from using many different materials on site, and nailing reduces this risk. Not only does dust cause difficulties for your airways, dust gets everywhere; nailing doesn't create dust. No more getting dust in your face, no emptying your pockets at home and getting dust all over the floor, no having to clean surfaces many times once you've finished the job. 

Drilling a hole that is creating a lot of dust
Construction worker gets dust in his eyes

3) Reduce construction site noise

Like dust, noise can also be a nuisance, cause negative health impacts and disturbs everyone around you. You may find it difficult to talk to your colleagues on the job site, you may go home and have the television too loud for the rest of the family, and long term impacts may cause tinitus and other side effects. With nailing, there is no constant noise and you can work without causing too much disturbance around you, other people can carry on and have a normal conversation, and perhaps you won't need those safety ear muffs!

4) More power with less effort

Due to the way nailers work with pressurised force, it means that the nailer can penetrate even the toughest materials without you breaking a sweat! Gas nailers such as the FORCE ONE come with 105J of power for a high quality fastening even in materials like steel up to 5mm thick. Manually installing into these types of materials requires a lot of work and maintenance for your tools. 

5) More accurate fixing results

Fixing with precision is extremely important and the accuracy and consistency can affect the integrity of a project. One of the advantages of using a nailer is that they can be exact and accurate over multiple fixings, and due to the amount of time and effort saved compared to drilling, you get less fatigued and reduce the amount of mistakes made. 

It's time to stop drilling and start nailing!

Drill down your costs with the FORCE ONE

The FORCE ONE gas nailer is the most powerful, lightweight and ergonomic nailer in it's class. Two times faster than battery-powered nailers, it can shoot 2.8 nails per second, helping you complete your projects in no time! 

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