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Icons and Symbols guide

Across this website, as in our catalogues and leaflets, you will find several symbols, graphics and icons which are meant to help you choose the best product for your application. Most of these symbols are standardised for the building sector and related activities but we know that there's a lot to cover and we want to make it easier for you. In this section you will find their explanations.

Note that you'll be able to choose your products according to your needs and usages. As a global company we cover things from international standards like the European Technical Approvals to national approvals and certificates. We also include our own markings as manufacturers for a full understanding of our offering.

Symbol for ETA-rated products, white circle with ETA lettering in the centre and yellow stars around it on a blue background. This symbol is intended to reflect the technical suitability of the product, which is widely accepted in Europe.

The European Technical Approval/Assessment (ETA)

The ETA is a widely accepted confirmation of technical suitability in building products in accordance with the
Construction Products Regulation (CPR) by the member states of the EU.

Black C and E on a white background. The E is very similar to the C, like a euro symbol.

CE mark

By affixing the CE mark the manufacturer declares that the product meets the valid European standards. CE-marked products can be freely distributed in the European Economic Area.

Large Ü with the small inscription CELO in the middle.

Ü mark

The Ü mark certifies general building inspectorate assessment for building products issued by DIBt in Berlin, the German Institute of Civil Engineering

yellow circle with black lettering HALOGEN FREE


With halogen-free plastic products, no toxic or corrosive gases are released in case of fire. Therefore, a dangerous release of halogen-containing fire gases can be excluded when using these products.

Black circle with red flames on it and white text F 120. The 120 here stands for 120 minutes.

Fire resistance class

Fire resistance class, is for fire-resistant products. The class consists of a letter and a number.

The number in the fire resistance class stands for the time in minutes that the anchor continues to perform its function, with decreasing performance, when exposed to fire. 

R = Load bearing capacity. Indicates the ability of a structural element to maintain its load-bearing capacity during a fire. 

E = Integrity. Indicates the ability of a building element or construction material to prevent the passage of flames and hot gases through it during a fire. 

Seismic loading

The product is suitable for use as an anchor subjected to seismic loading according to the European Technical
Approval/Assessment. The seismic performance of anchors subjected to seismic loading is categorized by performance categories C1 (less extensive) and C2 (more extensive).

Black water sprinkler on the ceiling with an R in a circle above it.

Sprinkler mark

Products bearing this label may be used to fix fire extinguishing pipe systems to concrete ceilings. They comply with the current VdS guidelines.

Yellow circle with black star symbol inside in which BEST NYLON QUALITY is written in black.

Best Nylon Quality

Best Nylon Quality stands for products made of weatherproof and ageing resistat nylon (polyamide).

Yellow circle with black inscription MS POLYMER


MS polymers are adhesives and sealants with outstanding properties that are used in a wide range of applications.

silver circle which resembles steel with a black inscription A2 STAINLESS STEEL
silver circle which resembles steel with a black inscription A4 STAINLESS STEEL

Stainless steel

Products labelled with this symbol are made of stainless steel (A4 or A2) and are thus generally suitable for outdoor usage.

Green square with a white house in the middle, with LEED tested written in green letters, above which is a founding circle of arrows that resembles the recycling symbol.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

LEED is a green building certification system. It is a global sustainability certificate and defines a series of standards for environmentally friendly, low-pollutant, low-emission and sustainable buildings.

Grey square with a colour bar underneath from dark green to dark red, this contains the letters A+ to C and represents the emissions into the indoor air. The gray square also shows a white house with a black border and two people with a cloud above them. To the right of the house, the emission class is shown in the respective colour, i.e. dark green A+ in the example.

Indoor air emissions

Émissions dans l'air intérieur is a French VOC label used to test emissions from building products. The test specification complies with ISO 16000 and  corresponds to the statutory methodology for the evaluation of the health impact of building materials applicable in Germany.

Black circle with a black UL in it, under the U there is another R in a small circle

Underwriters Laboratories (UL)

UL is an independent organization  headquartered in the USA that tests and certifies products for safety.

UL is one of several companies approved to perform safety testing by the U.S. federal agency.

Symbol of a tree in the upper dark green part of the tree is RoHs in white with a white checkmark above it. Under the tree in black is COMPLIANT


RoHS stands for the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. The purpose of this EU Directive is the protection of human health and the environmental consequences of the disposal of this equipment. It indicates that the anchor does not contain any of these hazardous substances.

Graphic reproduction of a prestressed concrete slab, with a yellow checkmark above it, symbolising that the product is approved for this purpose.

Precast pre-stressed hollow core slabs

The product has an European Technical Approval/Assessment (ETA) for use in precast pre-stressed hollow core slabs.

Red rectangle depicting the silhouette of a beaver on the left. Under the logo, kiwa is written in blue.


Kiwa specialises in quality testing and certification of products and systems, as well as environmental protection services.

Black square with two graphically depicted concrete blocks on it once cracked and once uncracked. Above both is a yellow checkmark.

ETA-approved for concrete

The product is ETA-approved for use in cracked and non-cracked concrete.

Black square with two graphically depicted masonry bricks on it one perforated brick and one solid brick. Above both is a yellow checkmark.

ETA-approved for masonry

The product is ETA-approved for use in masonry.

Black square with two graphically depicted concrete blocks on it once cracked and once uncracked. Above both is a yellow checkmark. Above this is the white inscription Option 1

ETA Option 1

Metal and chemical anchors are classified in options from 1-12. Option 1 anchors have passed  the most complex tests and allow the widest range of applications including the use in cracked concrete.

Black square with two graphically depicted concrete blocks on it, one cracked and one uncracked. Above the cracked one there is a red X and above the uncracked concrete there is a yellow checkmark. Above this is the white inscription Option 7
Black square with two graphically depicted concrete blocks on it, one cracked and one uncracked. Above the cracked one there is a red X and above the uncracked concrete there is a yellow checkmark. Above this is the white inscription Option 8

ETA Option 7 and 8

Option 7-12 anchors have a smaller range of applications and are only suitable for non-cracked concrete.

black square, in which there is a graphically depicted vertically perforated brick behind an ETICS insulation. There is a yellow checkmark on it.

ETA-approved for ETICS

The product is ETA-approved for use in External Thermal Insulating Composite Systems (ETICS).

Yellow circle with black inscription UTILITY MODEL

Product sample

The product is available for testing in single or small packs. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Yellow circle, the lower third of which is in the colours of the German flag (black, red, yellow), above which is written in black MADE IN GERMANY.

Made in Germany

Products with this label are largely or entirely manufactured at our site in Aichach (Bavaria, Germany) and meet highest quality standards.

Yellow circle, with black inscription PATENT PENDING
Yellow circle with black inscription PATENTED and below a black icon which looks like a medal.

Patented / Patent pending

The patent protects our technical inventions for a period of up to 20 years. Within this period, the patent holder enjoys patent protection and receives an exclusive right to exploit his invention.

black square with a concrete block on it in which threaded rods are fixed, above it is the white inscription Rebar and a yellow checkmark.

Approval for post-installed rebar connections

According to the ETA assessment, the product is suitable for post-installed rebar connections.

Graphic representation of a borehole filled with water and a yellow checkmark on it.

Waterfilled drill-holes

The use of the product e.g. injection mortar ResiFIX is possible for water-filled drill holes allowing an extended range of application.

grey circle with a graphically depicted dispenser inside and two gear wheels under which the inscription 1:25 can be seen in black.
grey circle with a graphic representation of a dispenser, underneath in black writing the possible cartridge size(s) for which the squeeze gun can be used, in the example 165, 280, 300 and 345 ml.

Manual dispenser

High force transmissiong of 1:25 and so noticeably reduced force exenditure.

Suitable for all standard catridges (165, 280 und 300 ml) and Side-by-side cartridges with 345 ml content.

black circle, with the inscription in white-green STYRENE FREE

Styrene free

Styrene (also known as vinylbenzene) is a type of hydrocarbon and is often used to make plastics such as polystyrene. As it is flammable and harmful to health, it is not used in our ResiFIX injection mortars.

Yellow circle with a white checkmark in the middle, around it is REACH COMPLIANCE.

Conformity with REACH Regulation 

The products we supply from our entire range of fastening products (plastic products, metal products and chemical anchors or adhesives and sealants) do not contain any substances of very high concern ("SVHC") on the candidate list above 0.1% according to Article 33 of the REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006.

UV Resistant

Products have passed the UV resistance test ("Xenon test") according to the ISO-4829 norm of 1000 hours in a UV camera. There has been no significant change in impact resistance, colour and tensile strength, that affects the performance and durability in installation. 

Prüfzentrum für Bauelemente (PfB)

The Prüfzentrum für Bauelemente (PfB) in Rosenheim (Germany) is an accredited and notified testing and certification center, specialized in testings in the fields of safety, climate / weather, energy and usability.


CNBOP (Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection) is a polish national institute based in Józefów (Poland) with the mission to ensure public safety in terms of fire protection and more. It is authorised for accreditations in Poland and undertakes, among other things, the European certification of constancy of performance of construction products.


PAVUS a.s., an accredited testing Laboratory, is authorised by the Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing (COSMT) and performs various fire testings e.g. fire resistance of building elements, fire extinguishers and materials like cables and plastics.


Building Testing and Research Institute of Civil Engineering, n.o. (TSÚS) performs European Technical Assessment (ETA), national technical assessments valid in Slovakia (SK TP) and assessment of parameters of construction products in the European harmonised area (NB 1301) and in the national area (AB SK04).


INNOVÁCIÓS NONPROFIT Kft.) handles two groups of assessments: the National Technical Assessments valid in Hungary (NMÉ), and another is the European Technical Assessment (ETA). The mark indicates the consistently high quality, reliability and compliance of a construction product.


Applus+ Certification is an independent and impartial certification body. Applus+ Certification is part of the Applus+ Group, on of the world's leading testing, inspection and certification companies.

ICC Evaluation Service Inc. (ICC ES)

ICC ES is the industry leader in performing technical evaluation in the USA and evaluates building products on the basis of the International Building Codes® and the relevant standards in the USA.

Published: 2024-05-13