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How to screw into brick

how to screw into brick

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Screwing and drilling into brick is one of the most common activities in DIY. However, there are some important steps that you should follow when drilling into brick to ensure a smooth and safe installation.

Brick can be a sensitive material to drill into and therefore the types of tools used should be considered.

Brick walls – different types of screws

Choosing the type of screw that you want to use will depend on many things. Depending on the application you want to install, is it light or heavy, whether the brick is old or new and whether you plan to screw directly into the brick. 

Below we go through some different types of screws that could be used when fixing to brick.

BTS5 Concrete screw

The BTS5 concrete screw comes with 2 different head types, hexagonal or with Pan head and TORX recess, depending on your application.

It is suited for direct and fast fastening in different materials including brick. The BTS5 concrete screws requires low screw-in torque due to the small drill hole of only 5mm and low setting depth of 25mm. This means that it is even possible to install manually without a screwdriver.

The concrete screw is a convenient alternative to traditional mechanical anchors such as wedge anchors, sleeve anchors and plugs. 

Window frame screw FBS

The FBS screw is specially designed for mounting metal and plastic window frames and allows direct screwing into brick.

This screw has a special thread at the screw tip with reduced diameter which helps reduce the setting torque and therefore helps allow a longer battery life for your cordless screwdriver!

How to screw and drill into brick – Step-by-Step Process

Before you start drilling into brick there are several steps that you should think of first

After you have decided where to install your application you should do the following:

  • Make sure, that there are no electric cables or pipes in the wall which you want to drill
  • Select the right screw for your application
  • Get your drill
  • Choose the right drill bit
  • Drill into the brick and make sure not to use impact during the drilling process, it could damage the brick and reduce the load resistance.
  • Clean out the hole
  • Repeat process for all the holes you need.

Once you have completed the drilling of the brick you can then insert the screw. This can be done with a power or manual screwdriver depending on the application.