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What are the different types of metal clamps

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A clamp is a device used to clamp or fix through a ring-shaped band. Its primary and best known function is to fix metal pipes and ducts to walls or flat surfaces.

There are different types and uses of clamps, you can also find them in different materials: metal clamps, PVC, isophonic, and aluminum clamps. This article will focus on metal clamps. We will describe the different types of metal clamps and their main applications.

Before knowing the different types of metal clamps, it is important to know the parts that make up a clamp. There are many types of clamps, but most of them have common parts:

  • Band or ring: it is the part that is in direct contact with the piece that it partially or completely surrounds.
  • Holding piece: It is usually a screw that helps to hold the device.

Metal clamp for pipes

Metal clamps are used for highly demanding jobs and their function varies depending on the type of clamp. Each clamp model has a different pressure that depends on its adjustment system and its type of metal.

The correct choice of a metal clamp for pipes depends on different parameters, such as the pressure it can exert, the medium in which it is used or the type of steel it is made of. Once these parameters have been reviewed, the choice is made naturally.

Applications of clamps for pipes

The purpose of a pipe clamp is to ensure the proper function and connection of a pipe. The most frequent fields of application are household appliances, such as gas cookers, which require a metal gas clamp. It is also used in the field of mechanics, automotive or chemistry. Fire extinguishing tubes also use a metal clamp.

Rubber clamp

Metal clamp with rubber is another type of clamp, ideal for transporting any type of liquid (cold, hot, residual water). These clamps are also known as isophonic clamps.

This type of metal clamps are also perfect for gas pipes. The defining characteristic of these metal clamps is that they come with an insulating rubber (which keeps out vibrations, noise, and corrosion).
An example of a rubber clamp that can be used with different types of tubes is the Metal clamp Quick EPDM rubber lined clamp M8+M10 RIK This clamp allows quick installation thanks to its opening clip that allows the clamp to be quickly opened and closed without having to completely unscrew it.

Sliding pipe clamp

Isophonic clamps are usually made of steel and have an isophonic rubber coating. Depending on the clamp model, on each side, they are fastened by means of screws that can vary in size.
Isophonic sliding clamps are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and can be used in different applications, including metal pipes, PVC pipes, drainage pipes, steel pipes, and multilayer pipes.

Metal clamp with screw

The metal clamp with screw is used to surround and secure the hoses or pipes. Generally, these types of clamps are made of stainless steel, so they are resistant to corrosion, oil and grease.

As soon as the clamp has been placed, the screws can be tightened by hand, with pliers, or with a screwdriver. Most metal clamps are reusable due to their fastening systems.

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