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What is cold forming?

What is cold forming

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Cold forming is a process where the metal is shaped considerably lower than the recrystallisation temperature of the material. Cold forming is a traditional production methodology used for machine and plant engineering and allows manufacturers to produce large amounts of products in a fast and consistent method that is also cost-effective. Typical products that are made from cold forming are screws, nuts, bolts and rivets.

Explanation of the cold forming process

The cold forming process is a high-precision, high-speed process that creates little to no waste compared to conventional production and creates a stronger end product due to the hardening of the material.

Steps of the cold forming process

Cold forming is not one single action or part of a process, instead it is a series of steps, integrated together to make a smooth and efficient process. Below we go through the steps in the cold forming process of screws.

  • Gather the material needed for the process, such as steel or aluminium. Most commonly the base material for the screw will come as a wire in a massive coil, however thicker diameters may come as a pole.
  • Next the wire will be cut to the necessary length. This material will be passed to the next step. 
  • 1st punch – Here the metal will be deformed by a compression machine. The machine will push the metal into the shape of the die, giving the shape of the screw
  • 2nd punch – To finish the shape of the head and the recess. The 2nd punch adds the recess shape
  • To get the thread on the screw the screws will then go through a thread rolling process

Nowadays, cold forming is a common manufacturing process for screws with many industrial companies using this process in their production chain. This is because cold forming provides many benefits such as reduction in waste material, high manufacturing speed and more efficient production, stronger products and cost reductions.

What are the screws and fixings?

The production method of cold forming focusses on producing screws and fixings – in industry, but also for professional installers, craftsmen and all other companies who need screws to do their job successfully. 

All of our screws at CELO Fixings are made using the cold forming process. Find some of our most popular screws below: